Chiara Comberlato


Title of my Sketchbook :

Sketchbook abstract :

Sìmbolos is a notebook which contains all the experiences, the inspirations, the ideas about Barcelona and Catalonia on the occasion of its tricentenary commemoration. In view of this celebration, in collaboration with Barcelona’s University Elisava, we join the BCN Re.set project, which will take place on summer 2014 in several places of the city, in order to commemorate catalan’s history from 1714 until nowadays. Therefore, I filled up 60 blank pages, with several techniques : drawing, painting, handprinting. The users of my project are : first for the catalans, to celebrate and reddiscover their country. But also for all the others, to get in touch with such a beautiful, warm and colorful region.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Chiara Comberlato — Sìmbolos