Chiara Zhu


Title of my Sketchbook :
Stains of Memory

Sketchbook abstract :
Stains of Memory

The sketchbook is made up of a collection of colorful stains created by ink blots that aim at reproducing places, monuments and objects belonging to the Barcelona’s landscape. The concept behind it was to translate the theme of memory by employing Rorschach’s psychological test whose purpose is to reveal the personality of the patient from the interpretation of inkblot figures. The images are always symmetrical and mirrored, leaving complete freedom of interpretation to the observer according to their culture and experiences. Every image is the result of a photograph or an image that were previously and accurately chosen. The rhythm and the content of the book are also characterized by some selected quotations of the architect and artist Antonio Gaudì. The book is an attempt of leaving a “trace” or better a “stain” to commemorate the Catalan city. The Rorschach test was for me the perfect visual translation of the theme “memory”. Moreover its technique is of a high graphical level. The sketchbook is firstly dedicated to the Catalans, and to whoever knows Barcelona or would like to play with the “test”.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Chiara Zhu — Stains of Memory