Franziska Purucker


Title of my Sketchbook :
Libre de segells

Sketchbook abstract :
Libre de segells

My notebook helped me to note down details worth knowing about Barcelona, as well as to keep impressions that I made during our excursion. It is comparable with a travel guide, that tells you about the history, different habits, typical food and worth seeing places of a city — in my case of Barcelona and Catalan in general. So, I created simple linoleum cuts of symbols such as lemons, tapas, waves, skateboards, fish etc, that particularly reminded me of Barcelona and transferred them into the book via oil based colours. To get more detailed motives I also lasered stamps out of stamp gum, a material that is used to professionally produce stamps. I used the photos I took during our stay in Barcelona as motives. This book is made for people who want to get to know a place not just by its crowded and popular sights but also in the sense of the cities particular flair and life.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Franziska Purucker — Libre de segells