Julia Wittmann

Julia Luise

Title of my Sketchbook :
Random Memory

Sketchbook abstract :
My records of a heartfelt city

You’ll find art everywhere in Barcelona, like the originally drawn store’s blinds or the several architectural structures. Going through Barcelona you’ll find yourself in so many varying quarters. You’ll come across buildings made of mosaic, churches with high raised towers and giant fountains. You just walked through the gothic quarter and in the next moment you are already standing with your feet in the sand or get seduced by the smells of the market stands and totally captivated you realize that the city itself is the artwork. My records reflect the warm colors as well as the lovely atmosphere of the city. I’d be pleased to take you for a short trip through the many beautiful places Barcelona offers, lead you over the city’s kitchen to the hearty Catalans and accompany you to the creative heart of the city.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Julia Wittmann — My records of a heartfelt city