Sara Neuhäußer

Sara Nadine

Title of my Sketchbook :
The colours of Barcelona

Sketchbook abstract :
The colours of Barcelona

This sketchbook is about the intention to capture Catalonia’s and especially Barcelona’s collective memory in a preferably multifaceted way — first through research and then in the course of an investigation in real life. The independent identity of Catalonia is based on shared memories, parallels to the Province of South Tyrol can be found here. Therefore the book contains several comparative passages dealing with the issue of identity in both autonomous regions. Historic events shape a collective memory; as well architecture and visual art, literature, music and celebrations which transport memories into our present. The reader — whether he connects memories to Catalonia or not — gains an insight how the Catalan history becomes visible to an outside observer.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Sara Nadine Neuhäußer : The colours of Barcelona