Veronika Schneider


Title of my Sketchbook :
The way we go

Sketchbook abstract :
The way we go

My sketchbook, made for the 300 year anniversary of Catalonia, is a journey through decisions that we make today, that we made as a collective and decisions that still affect the cityscape of Barcelona. I want to show the search of paths, of ways that we take conscious or unconscious as well as the things that I noticed on my way through Barcelona. Memory as a topic ? A city offers so many possibilities, which one do we take ? May our paths intersect everyday ? But we do not remember. It is our decision which way we choose. Therefore, I made sketches in Barcelona and through collage technic I added smells, facts, numbers, patterns, emotions, people, society and materials. I mostly used old newspapers from Catalonia. My project is made for a exhibition on the 300°‐years anniversary of Catalonia with the topic “memory” at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona.

Sketchbook | 5 pages :
Veronika Schneider — The way we go